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Clyde Railroad Depot


This train depot was originally located in Clyde, Texas. It cost about $40,000 to build.

The General Store where you purchase your tickets to tour the Taylor County History Center, was once connected to the depot.  It was used to store large luggage, crates, and cargo. There is a second luggage room at the depot specifically used for smaller luggage. The two waiting rooms in the train depot were used to separate people of different races. Whites had one waiting room and blacks had another. At one point, the depot and the store building were located at a school and used by the Boy and Girl Scouts. When the Scouts stopped using it, the school wanted it removed so teenagers would stop using it for parties. At that time, Dr. Rode was able to buy the buildings and have both transported to the Taylor County History Center.

This Day in Texas History

  • 1883 On this day in 1883, the Fifty Cent Act was repealed. The act, advocated by Governor O. M. Roberts and passed in July 1879, provided for the selling of Texas land for fifty cents an acre, with one-half of the proceeds to be used to pay down the public debt and the other half to establish a permanent school fund. The act opened to settlement about fifty-two Texas counties, in which the state sold 3,201,283 acres for $1,600,641.55. The Fifty Cent Act was repealed as a public necessity due to fraudulent land speculation

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