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Doctor’s Office



In 1904, few doctors maintained offices and even fewer had nurses.  Doctors mainly made house calls. When going on a house call, doctors would carry all of their medicine with them so they could mix medicine on site. Many doctors relied on their knowledge and the only instrument they carried, a stethoscope.  Delivering babies, splinting and casting fractures were common things the frontier doctor had to deal with. If a patient could not pay the doctor with money, they would often pay him in food, services, or livestock.

This building was first built as a residential house in the 1930’s. In the 1980’s, right after Dr. Rode retired from his medical practice, he bought this building for the village. Inside are many tools that he collected over the years.



This Day in Texas History

  • 1883 On this day in 1883, the Fifty Cent Act was repealed. The act, advocated by Governor O. M. Roberts and passed in July 1879, provided for the selling of Texas land for fifty cents an acre, with one-half of the proceeds to be used to pay down the public debt and the other half to establish a permanent school fund. The act opened to settlement about fifty-two Texas counties, in which the state sold 3,201,283 acres for $1,600,641.55. The Fifty Cent Act was repealed as a public necessity due to fraudulent land speculation

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