Churches were usually the first thing built in a town after the homes. This church was founded by Mary Lee Cagles in 1896 but there was no building for the church until 1902. The founder and preacher, Mary Lee Cagles, founded at least 18 churches before 1908 with eleven of them in Texas. This church was first located on the corner of Oak and Mulberry Street, in Abilene, Texas. It stayed there from 1902 until 1977. In its prime, the church was heated by a giant wood burning stove right in front of the pulpit. The pews and the Bible are all original to the church. The stained glass window is not. Dr. Rode, former owner of the village, removed a swamp cooler located on that wall and covered the hole with this stained glass. Perhaps the most unique feature of this church is the special guests that are located within the walls. These special bees have lived within the walls for what seems like forever. The church members would collect the honey and disperse it among everyone, thus giving the church the nickname of “the sweet church”. The bees were removed with the reconstruction of the Chapel in 2014.