Marshall Tom Hill was born in Kentucky in 1854. He moved to Texas when he was 18 and was part of the US Army Core of Engineers. Right after the founding of Abilene, Tom Hill became the first City Marshall in Abilene, at age 27.

He built this house in 1882 for $400 and used it as a rental home. Not long after building this home, he married Molly and they had two children, Belle and Terry. In order to accommodate the growth of their family, the Hills added on the right half of this house.. In 1885, Tom Hill and his friend Jim Holland, had a shady business deal with a man in New York City. Jim Holland shot the other man and both he and Tom Hill were arrested for murder. Tom Hill’s charges were dropped, but Tom still had to testify in Jim’s murder case. At the trial, Holland used blanks to prove that he had shot the man in self-defense. Although both men were free from conviction, their reputations had been stained. Hill resigned as City Marshall and became the Runnels County Sheriff. The next year, in 1886, Tom died because of an accidental shooting. His son, Terry, died two months later in October.

This is the oldest remaining residence in Taylor County.  It has been on this property since 1964.


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