Although the gallery is not a building from the past, it is still used to house the past.

One of the most predominant paintings in the gallery is of the story of Matilda Lockhart. Matilda Lockhart was taken captive by Comanche Indians in the fall of 1838 when she was 13 years old. When she was returned to authorities two years later, the stories of how the Comanche Indians had treated her quickly spread. She had been beaten and tortured. and her body showed many bruises and burns. While she was captive, she learned to understand some of the Comanche language. She told authorities that the Comanches planned to bring in the rest of their captives in exchange for goods and supplies. Based on her tale and the fact that the other children taken with her were not returned that day resulted in the Council House Fight on March 19, 1840. Matilda never recovered from her experience and died a few years later.